Bypass searching trip

Tue 08 Aug 1989
Mike Richardson

(a) First tried skull pitch via the eye holes at the bottom. Loose and chossy (so what's new!). Landed on boulders, two small ways on, both blocked.


(b) Traversed left past old third pitch to ledge - lobbed rocks down to give 2½ second drop. Bill banged a bolt in and descended over lots of rubs - need four ropeprotectors !! Some ways on at bottom so then Tina went down followed by me. Lands by huge boulder, way on is through hole between dubious looking boulders, to a further pitch. Added another bolt and I went down. Bottom turns into enormous descending rift like above squeeze pitch but narrower. Had a poke down it, then came out. Met Del, Juliette, Tanya + Julian and exited.

[full page sketch plan and elev]

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A Blue interlude !

Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
absence makes the wrist grow stronger,
absence makes the prick grow longer. <--- sexist crap.

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