mellow trip

Thu 10 Aug 1989
Tanya Savage

A laid-back + well mellow trip. After much faffing (guilty as charged) traversed over top of Mike + Tina's pitch. Tina bravely descended to put in another bolt, then decided she needed a driver - spotted by yours truly at top of 2nd pitch by choccy dump! So I summoned all 2 milligrammes of my courage + went + fetched it. Returned, + Tina continued to put in bolt while I sat + shivered + sang appallingly (lovely acoustics, wish I knew the words to the Wild Caver). Bolt was probably fine, but Tina unsure, me cold, both bit cheesed off after total faff round + freezing cold, so exited.

Main Route rigging / D&S aborted / Right Hand Route / Left Hand Route (all same day)

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