Rerigging trip

Thu 10 Aug 1989
Adam Cooper

Aim to rig 4th pitch & down RH route to Knossos. Realised at start v.short of rope. Bill conned into going down new route to collect rope only to find it was Boris after the Bag had split & he had prusiked all the way from the bottom of the 30m pitch !
Bill not chuffed (even less than usual)
On way down had to rerig 3rd pitch (new one) as Jeremy had failed to leave enough rope before attaching lower down.
Also had to carefully garden - rope already tied on lower down - as stacks of hanging death (well, a pile of loose rocks just where one was likely to thrash about at a rebelay).
Rigged thro' squeeze & it became apparent that very short of rope (due to failure to get a sensible rope from new route)
Met Mark F & Del & cut a ~60m length of their 200m rope. Rigged down to the notorious sandy ramp where put in two spits in RH wall to avoid it then exited.

Time U/G 8 hrs

Main Route rigging / D&S aborted / Alternative Shopper / Left Hand Route (all same day)

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