Initial push & discovery of drunk & stupid

Tue 08 Aug 1989
Jeremy Rodgers

Initial intention : to rig down to squeeze
problem : Mike, Tina & Bill in way looking for bypass
solution : Help look for bypass
location : Improbable - obviously choked hole on
right of passage between 2nd & 3rd pitch

As we had nothing else to do we banged in a couple of bolts (typically badly placed as "it won't go") and Mark abbed down. Much to our surprise there was a way on - totally invisible from the top.
So we went down threw a ladder down a quick climb & found a pitch (we described as 40m, later surveyed as 20m - oh well).
Descends to a false floor - three ways off:
Down ~15-20m but below boulders - unexplored, left to a squeeze - Mark looked at, right - I looked at to a beautiful 30 (guessed 60) m pitch.
Banged in some bolts at head of 30m & descended - Mark had look at way on at bottom but time to go out.
- An ace pushing trip - a great route.

Survey trip/ Alternative Shopper discovery/ Tourist trip - all same day

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