161 - Rabbithohle

Wed 24 Aug 1988
Chris Densham

Rabbit Warren series.

2nd pushing trip by above, running at same time as pushing trip by Mark D & Jeremy down main shaft.

Walk across to camp 2 on col spent building loads of cairns so route back easier (lesson from nights before journey). Before going down at 3pm after Jeremy & Mark, communicated to Jeremy that would be a good idea to come out _late_ which he apparently interpreted as _eight_ (hence debacle on page before last).

Down to top of 2nd pitch, thro' rabbit warren series. While Chris put in a bolt 3m down first main pitch in rabbit warren [see (1) on map], Becka did some exploring on right hand branch after handline down ramp (Chris bolt on pitch down l.h. branch). Becka's passage went for 15m, shaft in roof aven), then small shaft down (4m?). Continuing past shaft, along passage to small chamber, hole in floor, shaft (3m?) down to chamber's left.

[tiny diagram with comments:
boulder choke
crawl, go on, chokes, turn right, stream ~2m below in rift
shaft down, q. deep, 5m? (loose cruddy rock, q. small entry)

Chris descended main pitch down, 8m to floor, 2 round shafts in floor. Descended one shaft (other joins up) 15m down to choked rift (18in-3ft wide, 10 ft long).(see sketch). Back up 15m shaft, along to chamber with 2 ways on across chamber, pitch in rift down. Becka came down, then 2 bolts for pitch in rift. Fine free hang down superb rift approx 40m. Gorgeous base of shaft, choked ramp and _huge_ pitch beyond. Back out so as to use Boris (long rope) to rerig it. Out 11pm, expected to have heard from _Mark & Jeremy_ (realised were out) (We realised they'd got out, as a new bolted deviation in, on the 1st pitch) Fog came down with rain, followed cairns in 'minimal visibility' back to camp 1. Met Chris S & Mark F coming to rescue us since their call out for us was somehow 8pm (was now 12.30 pm [1.15 am, Chris]). Walked back to park, apologies & thanks, as to Jenny & Ian asleep in car waiting for us. Drive down in fog bad, Hildes by 2am.[3 am]

[extensive plan of 'Rabbit Warren' series]

[full page elevation of pitches]

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