147 - Wednesday 147

Wed 24 Aug 1988
Mark Roddick

|--- *Actually it was looked at by Mikes T + M in
v 1984 but no way on was found

This cave listed as 'not allocated' was found in '84, but lost before first exploration. Re-found Sat by Mark R + Hugh. *--^

Down ~ 3m entry pitch in rift going into bluff wall on camp 2 side of Vord SchMK on cavers path.

Pitch (10m) drops out of rift 10m into hill, draft comes over pitch from phreatic tube.

[small sketch plan]

- Drafting tube leads (~10m horizontal, 5m down) into chamber/rift (3m dia. 6m high).
- Draft rises from choke in floor of rift/chamber (continuation of entry rift?)
- Draft rises _into_ 2 avens in roof, one chokes, other leads back up to phreatic level.
- 10m drafting tube chokes.
- All possibilities down the draft phreatic (in diagram) exhausted.
- down pitch to unstable boulder choke/slope. Opening in floor promises another pitch ~20m - another trip needed.

N.B. the tubes are seriously squalid.

Best example of a Yorkshire cave I've seen so far ! Joe
Tight wet crawls. Mark

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