surface - not a callout - Wed 24th August 1988

Wed 24 Aug 1988

11 pm Chris & Becka still not down from the plateau - no real call out time (they said they might be back at the Bergrestaurant by 8 pm). _Nobody_ very pleased. Contingency plans for rescue made.

11 pm Ian and Jenny set off in the Fiesta to sleep in the car at the Loser Car Park in case they turn up there.

THE PLAN:- 5 am - underground team - Mark D, Hugh, Adam & Joe Wookey
(camping on plateau as [nuuer ?]. Penny - driving Rover.

8 am - second team (in the Montego) - Jeremy, Keith, Jared, Mark Roddick.

11 pm - Chris S + Mark F go up, very valiantly in the pissing rain, fog, dark etc. to camp 1 (and camp 2??), however the miscreants were located at camp 1 (at 1.15), having exited at 11 pm. All back to Hildas, where much relief etc.

10 am, Thursday. Much stress administered re overrunning (non-existant) call out times ! etc.

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