161 - 'Survey' team 2

Fri 26 Aug 1988
Jared West

[Which Chris ? Assuming Densham...]

After wimping out at the car park Friday morning, we resolved to go up Friday evening whatever the weather that evening to do an overnight trip. Weather turned out OK & walked up with survey team 1 (Jenny, Jeremy, Mark D) & the push team (Roddick & Keith) & '''Adrian the Anaconda''' for use on the big pitches after rabbit warren series. Arrived at camp 2 at nightfall, followed Roddick & Keith down cave. Whilst Chris when to advise the push team on how to re-rig the first part of the pitch, Becka & I started to survey from the start of rabbit warren. Much whining & cursing about the plastic pad & pen for survey notes - they only worked intermittently. Becka managed much better than the other team though - their pen broke in half ! Chris came back & we soon surveyed to the top of the big pitch. Now the problem was how to measure a 40+m pitch with a 30m tape measure. Chris went down halfway with me holding the tape & then intended to measure to the bottom. Unfortunately the author let go whilst Chris was still abseiling so this plan was a total failure. Giving up for the time we went to see how Roddick & Keith were getting on at the push front. Measured pitch on the way up by ingenious use of rope protector - 40.2m. Unfortunately it still wasn't light outside so we had a few hours to kill. Chris & Becka got v. cold whilst I rigged the '5m' pit by the rabbit skeleton & handline. Turned out to ~15m deep v. loose & choked. Fell asleep at bottom of entrance pitch to be woken by Keith. Out about 7 a.m. -> camp 2. Weather pissing on us ! Jared

~8.30pm -> 6.30 am probably T/U (10 hours)

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