unknown - Cave II

Wed 24 Aug 1988
Adam Cooper

After rushing back to the camp to get some paint to mark the cave before the Germans got there, I had a poke to see if the cave went. Wide horizontal draughting entrance into a pit. The cave seems (so far) to have mostly horizontal development but the draught has been followed to a small gap under a huge boulder needing a handline or ladder rig to get down due to lack of footholds. This was left until tomorrow due to lack of time. Approx posn. of cave: ~500m towards the coll between Vd. & Ht. Schwarzmooskogel from the position of 135 at an altitude of ~100m lower.

[plan which is mostly comments:

crawl between bedrock & boulder slope (not too safe) which draughts strongly.

not too clear on details in this area but basically a high chamber (solution formed) some climbs up reveal top of chamber regularly boulder choked (must be higher blocked entrance) at the lowest part of this section (bottom of a loose boulder slope) a draughting space beneath a large boulder was located. this can be safely cleared and will be investigated. ]

Time U/G Wookey 1½ hrs
Adam 2 hrs

Although this description is a bit vague hope to elaborate in a later report.

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