161 - Rabbit Hole

Wed 24 Aug 1988
Jeremy Rodgers

Pushing trip below 2nd pitch. 3rd pitch through eye hole at bottom of 2nd, about 10m to boulder strewn floor. Ways on to left & right.

_Left Way_

Rigged short (12m) pitch with one bolt & one natural. Boulder slope down _onto_ pitch head, v.dodgy. Not free hanging so Mark held rope (human deviation) while Jeremy descended to bottom past v. unstable boulders into small sharp chamber well choked at bottom. No ways on so detackled out.

_Right way_

Through small hole under huge car sized boulder resting on loose boulder slope (Help!). Boulder slope on other side, V. unstable descending (30°) to pitch, about 10m from drop tests.

Attached lifeline to large boulders to look down pitch but getting late so left unrigged.

Prussiked out & Mark put in a bolt deviation at top of 1st pitch.

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