unknown - Cave I

Wed 24 Aug 1988
Adam Cooper

By lunchtime had got to a cave on 1760m contour due E of Gr. Gsollberg in a snow-filled corrie type feature. Inside sloping rubble strewn ramp to left ~30->40m inside a hole down led to a chamber. Following the RH wall (anticlockwise) led to a small slightly draughting slot into a ~10' drop. At this point I returned to meet Del & Wookey to take a few photos of ice formations. Outside we heard German speech. On exitting & conversing we were given the impression that we were 'in their territory' according to agreements made the night before in the Loser Hutte. So not knowing the details we left. Unfortunately we had no red paint & so intend to return to paint our mark. However other CUCC recommend that we were perfectly at liberty to be there. On going back to camp I found another cave.

Time underground ~30min.

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