plateau - More exploration in the rain

Sat 20 Aug 1988
Mark Fearon

Met at the 'campsite' to be told it was the wrong one ! So all up to the col between the low + high Schwarzmoochkogelllll, where it started to rain, low viz etc so a retreat (rather than a force onto the path back [stogerweg]) was mooted. On the way back a complex of caves (near 81, 82 etc. etc.) was investigated - Mark R will provide a description of his shaft, I and mark F investigated a railway tunnel sized cave, unfortunately no way down ! There are others........ Dumped gear at the Brauning wall coll, then back to sit at the Bergrestaurant in the rain until the whiskey ran out, then walked down the hill until Chris S appeared. Also, located the entrance to old caves 81, 82, 85 (of unknown explorers and vintage !) and 147 (CUCC 1984).

Forced self-confession - I botched up rigging a shaft. Tied to bunder I went down to a ledge ~5m down to bolt-in. Woops there goes my helmet. Down to bottom - nothing save helmet (15m pitch, 10m crawl choking off). Draft at top - no draft at choke, must have been caused by through draft from other entrances clearly visible.

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