87 - impressive entrance

Wed 26 Aug 1987
Mike Martin

Mike (this is getting sillier all the time 'cos of the knees) Martin.

Time underground 4.5 hours.

This is a truly impressive entrance. Bit chilly though. Descended to head of last pitch, which was very black. Superb rig, figure of 8 on bight xxxx beautiful freehang. Pitch head very intimidating so only MM descended. There was no sensible way on. Did climb 15m up until xxxx it became silly. A drxxxx cxxx down this. [ was this written in red ? it hasn't photcopied well...] The draught steadily decreases the further down the gxxxxx. Facing down the pitches there are a series of rifts at various levels off to the left - each one takes part of the total draught until almost none is noticeable at the bottom.

At head of third pitch a xxxx small tube follows aforementioned rift/fault trending in a straight line with small deviations up and down. Continues to a narrow slot - undescended, also a larger stream passage with gravel floor ~6m below with drip entering (noise). Appears to head straight into the hill and is very reminiscent of the small tube from 142 to bottom of audible connection in 143.

See over for sketch of plan.

[ this sketch is almost completely unintelligible, at least in photocopy]

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