plateau - rained again

Tue 25 Aug 1987
Jared West

It rained in the morning, stopped - we went up to the plateau and it rained again. We descended and everyone except MM went down the salt mines.

Evening: Surface time 3 hrs

Ian (team stupid sod !) + Mike M (Team cripple) went in search of the Holy Grail (otherwise known as Jenny's glasses, which had been left at an entrance somewhere on the ridge/ depression beyond the Nipple) 40 mins walk from the car park to Nipple and collected Ian's gear. Light rapidly fading and mist swirled around. Having found all other entrances looked at on Sunday, we failed in our quest. In total darkness we retreated to the footpath (found by chance) and retreated to the car park for a kip whilst waiting for those down 87.

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