113 - group sensible

Sat 29 Aug 1987
Chris Densham

Group sensible left base camp at 12 (a disturbed night due to group insanity leaving in the early hours rather noisily). Walked up to entrance pitch and met others coming up. We descended at 3 pm & Mike & Chris did the first (easy) bit of surveying up to the top of Ibbeth Perilous. Left the two others to do the more entertaining vertical bits, while M C descended to the bottom of the chamber rigged by others. Saw rusted bolts of previous generation sticking out of rock. Chris tried freeclimbing down the side but wimped out over what sounded like pitch at bottom. Many small passages leading off around entire chamber, after investigation, all got too tight or headed back up rift.

Animal leaned on a boulder 4 ft cubed, which rolled off down the passage giving him a nice surprise. Boiled up some meaty soup with dig bix, then some vege stuff for the vegys, just as Becka and Juliette descended (overtaken on way down by Mikes torch). Detackled on the way out. Becka showed her appreciation of Mike's cooking & Marathon bar in a glorious technicolour yawn - the ledge above the iced-in rocks above the pitch to the chamber shall henceforth be known as Marathon Ledge. The ice holding in the rocks had cleared a bit since last time - rather tenuously attached. Got out of cave around 11-30, trudged back & got to camp around 2-30 am.

Chris. T/U 9 hrs

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