113 - in the mist

Sat 29 Aug 1987
Keith Millar

Left camp at 7.15 am and walked up to 113 in the mist. The entrance was descended without incident. Andy's ramp was descended and Ibbeth Perilous. Ibbeth Perilous was rerigged and new bolts installed to avoid some of the many rub points. At the base of Ibbeth Perilous, the next pitch was rigged and came out into a large chamber with several passages off. These were all blocked except for one. This is a traverse over a large rift which comes out into (Opera House ?) we think, due to the presence of two naf bolts.

An uneventful exit was made with Ian taking some pictures on the entrance pitch. Group sleepy arrived as we were ascending the entrance pitch.

Time underground 6½ hours.

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