CUCC Expedition Handbook


Janet & John document their cave

Mostly by Wookey and Andy Waddington (1999)


This part of the Expedition Handbook is about documentation - recording what the expedition found for posterity and so future expeditions have something to build upon. Mostly this means producing a good survey of each cave, but it also includes writing passage descriptions and taking photographs. Documenting old caves which are refound, and short new caves is covered by the Prospecting Guide. This guide covers essentially everything that goes in the Survey Book on each expedition.

Since 1998, this screed has been split up into digestible chunks. We hope you will read all of it, but those who have been surveying before may want to skip the introductory material, whilst others may not need to read all of the more detailed topics.

You many find it easier to read and digest this Training Course slide-pack before you do anything else as it has very helpful diagrams which are not in this expedition handbook yet.