Balkon - Great Balcony Derig

Mon 22 Jul 2019
Fleur Loveridge

Wave 1: Dickon, Ruairidh, Becka (in 09:30!); Wave 2: Fleur, Pete, Corin, Jon; Wave 3: Mike Butcher, Alice, Radost, Michael Brigham; Custard Wave: Nat and Sarah

Wave 1 went into paella up Mongol Rally. Wave 2 arrived just in time to pule a paella from top Mongol Rally to start of crawl. Then third pull through the crawl and across the big wet hole to the top of Hangmans. Very impressive to watch! A fourth pull took us to the base of Honeycomb from were we heard wave 3. The ropes were bagged and caver dispatched to the entrance. Pete, Corin and I assisted Ruairidh to derig from base Honeycomb to the entrance, exiting ~10pm.

Only ropes left in were up pitches (i.e. start of Leeds Bypass). Delighted to be met by Nat and Sarah at the entrance with cake + custard. Then delighted by the crazy carry back to camp. De-reflectered as we went. All in all, a good job, well done. [callout book: confirms names.]

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