264 - Derig below Littleboy camp to Pitstop

Sun 21 Jul 2019
Becka Lawson

Fri Jul 21

Last years left-at-camp list looked manageable for a team of two so we headed off with 4 tacklesacks (but I had a horrible suspicion that we would find more rope abandoned given what I had found elsewhere) and, sure enough, the bastards hadn't bothered derigging Rubberman so we ended up having to go down to -550m to get that out.

I cut the rope at the up climb as otherwise it would have been too scary + taken too much time so there's a few hangers and rope left in, possibly from approx rubberman (8 «squiggle».) The rigging was horrific - single bolt hangs over sharp edges, worse than I'd remembered, likely as we now had big bags.

Back at Little Boy camp we tried our damndest to eat everything there - 2x curries, 2x noodles, 2x soups, then derigged to the bottom of Mongo Rally, by then we had 4 heavy [incomplete scan - taken from /expofiles/writeups/2019/stuff-left-at-topcamp.pdf]

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