Balkon - Investigating potential pitches leading off pitpot in upper series

Fri 19 Jul 2019
Ruairidh MacLeod

[author unknown, put in Ruairidh to make parsing work]

From room with a view (entrance pitch) turned right, right left to get to pitput. 50m (27ap??) pitch. (A lead) at end of pitpot. (1623. 264 pitpot) was very wet with it looking like a heavy rain by the light of Ruairidhs scurion. This was deamed to be to ?? over 40m by Ruairidh judgment and also unsafe to drop owing to being wet. Traversed back to pitch 25a p20 and dropped it but I immeditly found a survey station, so not a going lead. Paul went back up, wth Ruairidh free climbing a series of steps that appear to be 26a P25 , Which is not a lead as - [Some black crayon like illegible sprawl] – Went back to 50 pitch and again decided not to drop it. Down 25a p25 again and followed the slope down to a cir?? 10m pitch in what appear to amalgamation. This rubbed Significantly and so paul had to hold a tacklesack for Ruairidh. Ruairidh initially descended straight down this pitch to a pit which had a survey station at the bottom then ascended and pushed on top a ledge on the other side of the pitch Paul followed. After concluding that this was all already surveyed Ruiriadh exited followed by Paul. After derigging c? Bolt it the bottom of the pitch. Paul ???? c Pedulum swung into the wall behind? The mail hand of the pitch, Winded but seemingly not broken. Exited with Ruairidh carrying both tackle sacks. Ruairidh had to cut the sling on one tackle sack after it got stuck very to Balkan entrance at the top of the pitch trapping him. The entrance to pitpot is *very* muddy. So wellies and rope were caked in mud.

It appears the 25a p20 has a survey log and so should be removed as a lead. 26a p25 is actually a series of free climable ledge with no survey log, but is not really a lead either.

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