Balkon - Second half of expo

Thu 25 Jul 2019
Tom Crossley

The second half of Expo picked up a lot: the sun came out and most of us ventured up the hill to stay at top camp. See Reuben below in the bivvy:


I spent a deal of my time practicing my rigging skills in Homecoming but my last two trips were into Balkon with Radost.
[Editor: This blog post was published on the 25th The content has been moved to the trips on 19th and 20th which were identified by entries in the callout book.]
... And that was the end of my Expo this year, I hope to come back to this lead in 2020, and hopefully to push it to the top (and ideally to a new entrance to 1623/264-Balkonhoehle). I'm afraid I didn't have a camera with me on these pushing trips else I would have posted some pictures. Instead, here are some that Rad took on the surface:



All the best,


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