FGH - "shat myself"

Sat 28 Jul 2018
Adelaide Diesbach

At thebottom of FGH had an ~80m pitch that needed bolting, and the idea of it appealed to Typhon and I. After looking for someone more experienced in vain,we decided that our previous bolting experiences (4 bolts between the two of us - as well as surveying experience - I had seen M. Holliday do one survey) was enough. We headed to the cave under the disapproving stares of Nadia and Luke.

We swiftly made out way to the bottom, where we struggled to find some good rock to set a Y-hang; Typhon had to climb down a rift to find somewhere suitable, while I sang every song I knew & tried to fight off the creeping cold.

Typhon got too tired (and needed to pee) to bolt a rebelay, so the 80m rope had to be descended on a single Y-hang. I shat myself (not actually, I hear it's a figure of speech in your language) a little while descending due to the h_i_c_c(?) b_o_u_n_c_e of the rope, but Typhon's grin and general mentality of not giving a fuck reassured me greatly.

The enthusiasm of dropping my very first pitch lifted my sprit up, we wandered around the chamber & found 3 leads;

  • a 45° downwards tube which started with a 3m non-free-climbable pitch and turned right,
  • a hole in the wall behind (what we thought was) non free-climbable pitch (but actually was), and a
  • rift which lead to another 80m pitch.

We left the cave very pleased with all the new leads.

PS we didn't survey because we forgot the notebook up the pitch OK bye.

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