2018-ad-02 - More prospecting and bivi cave fettling (Garlic Cave 2018-ad-02)

Wed 25 Jul 2018
Philip Withnall

Another trip to the bivi cave (Garlic cave 2018-ad-02) to landscape it and install some mod-cons. We put a cut-up survival bag in a poond to collect water from drips. Should collect 10-15l, very slowly.

We then did some terracing to make two sleeping platforms for ~6 people. There is plenty of scope for doing furhter terracing to add ~4 more sleeping places. We installed a tarp over the terrace so it should stay reasonably dry - but we haven't tested it in wet weather.

We left a shovel there for future landscaping. The idea is that a group could spend a couple of days there sleeping and intensively prospecting, before deciding whether to expand the bivi cave accommodation. If so, the water collection system and supplies from Organhöhle could then be moved over.

Once that was done, we had a bit of time left to prospect. Frank dropped 2018-pw-02 (see previous page) and killed it off. Survey:

6m deep, 3m wide rift, no discernible draft.

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