FGH - Liquid Luck onwards

Wed 01 Aug 2018
Adelaide Diesbach

We started the trip to Fischgesicht with 3 other people (Cat, Cat's Husband, Paul), but they decided to turn back before Liquid Luck because Paul was being slow.

Michael & I made it to the pushing front and bolted the small pitch at the front of the 45 degree slope (the hole in the wall was a dead end, see previous report). We climbed down the slope, squeezed through boulders to the right and landed on a small, round passage leading off to the right, with sand covering the ground.

I followed the passage to a bend and saw that it continued - and it got bigger! I screamed with excitement; Michael was pretty fucking pleased with our discovery. Since we didn't have any surveying gear (Cat realised her disto wasn't calibrated as we were getting changed) we decided to scoop the fuck out of it (or rather, I ran off ahead screaming while Michael was trying to convince me to leave some for the surveyors).

The passage alternated between large phreatics and large rifts, branching off several times. We covered maybe around 200m before we decided to turn around; the passage continued. We had a little time before out turn-around time, so Michael started to bolt the huge pitch that is parallel to Rubble Rumble until we got bored and decided to go back to camp early, giving us enough time to brag about our findings to whoever was still awake.

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