Balkonhöhle - Hilti-a-Plenty, surveying Northen Straight

Wed 06 Jul 2016
Alice Smith

My (Alice) first surveying trip. We started at where myself, Katey and Rob had had a nose around the day before. George and I started surveying while Rob went ahead to rig a traverse further ahead. across a pitch ~6m. The larger passage continues to the right into a tight popcorny squeeze which brings you out onto a wedged boulder which prevents you from falling down the pitch.

After a lot of contorting, Alan Partridge references blossoming from Rob and George, which ended up becoming some of the names for bits of passage. The passage continued to the north, with a c lead looking fairly small, muddy and miserable to the East, and the main passage continuing to the West before reaching a massive pillar and a short climb down into an aven, which eventually becomes enormous (40m up on a disto shot onto a ledge, actual roof probably higher) with a muddy floor which climbs up to a small passage which leads up to a small chamber with a choked floor. When surveying this section, a leg was shot straight across, followed by one which came through another entrance to the chamber. An extra survey station had to be added in between the two (2m apart) to connect them, which made book nice and confusing. From there, a hading rift went up to the right, and a passage continued up a 45 degree slope to the right, finishing in an aven (Rob said this has now crapped out).

All in all a good trip ~200m surveyed.


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