Dropping pitches and finding more

Fri 08 Jul 2016
Rob Watson

Frank brought his spade/shovel along in case of digging potential, but unfortunately his illness prevented him from achieving this. Then me and George went to the pitch down the sandy ramp and climb. I bolted the pitch and put George on book. It turned out this was a bad idea. 14 legs of shit later we derigged and left for Spunge Chamber. We tried to find survey stations but they were not especially well marked. We found station 73 and got started. Turning left at the t-junction we passed an aven on the left and down a 2m climb to 5x5m borehole passage. Excite! First we went right down hill to a dripping pitch, which could also be traversed to a continuation beyond.Then we went uphill to a pot which could be dropped (pretty draughty) or traversed over to the right for another horizontal continuation. We did a bit of an exposed traverse to a straight on lead, heading up a 5m climb to an uphill ramp to a big draughty pot. Around 150-200m in the book then out.


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