Tunnocks - Champagne on Ice - Daft Choice 2

Tue 05 Jul 2016
Becka Lawson

Only I had been to Champagne on Ice before and Peachey hadn't been to Tunnocks so we touristed to the head of String Theory on the way in and Peachey took a few photos on the way down. We all went up the Straight Choice Exposed climb but decided to split up at the Daft Choice traverse. Katey and Peachey continued taking photos whilst Frank and I surveyed the passage on the right after the C3 described in my 2 July logbook entry and then the QM on the R near the end of the 2 July survey, + some draft. All met up on the pitches on the way out and I turned one of the nuiscance pitches on Champagne on Ice into a traverse to simplify the route (which needs a rigging guide, Nat!).


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