Balkonhöhle - Andrew's first trip down Balkonhöhle

Mon 27 Jun 2016
Sioned Haughton

Went for an explore with a few 30m lengths of rope. Was mine & Andrew's first trip down & Becka hadn't been down since 2014. Andrew was initially considering dropping down one of the pitches at Natural High but George suggested a better option further on that turned out to be called consolidation Pitch. Rigging of a bolt on the traverse across a series of pitches down to a ledge with a clear 4 second drop straight down with lots of water dripping. Due to lack of reop we traverses over to the opposite ledge to descend the pitch beyond that was dry. [unfilled blank] m down with a couple of rebelays ended on a boulder slope with a smaler passage coming in from the right & a squeeze over a 4m drop at the bottom but we had no rope left.


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