Balkon - Pitch of Bipedal

Tue 28 Jun 2016
Sioned Haughton

We went back to investigate the lead with some more short pieces of rope & 100m of 9mm. Having received a 13m piece of rope that had been dropped at Natural High. We rerigged the initial drop & continued back to the bottom of the boulder slope. Squeezing round a piller we descended into a wet chamber with some pretty & sharp rock formations. The passage continued round the corner & ended with a hole in the floor & a sloping aven coming in from the right, where we found a survey station. This turned out to the where elliott ended up at the end of last year having come in throught the passage coming in from the right at the top of the boulder slope and free climbed the squeezy bit? He had just run out of batteries for survey equipment & not been able to return (hence the name - Batteries). We decided not to survey the incoming passage & instead Becka went down the main 75m pitch to investigate and survey. There was nothing at the bottom & surveying turned out to be impossible as the disto we had that day was only up to 50m (the one we used the day before was 100m) so we de-rigged and came out.

rigging topo


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