Tunnocks - Rigging to start of String Theory

Sat 25 Jun 2016
Sioned Haughton

I found the end of Nat's rigging on the swing over above the final snow slope and rigged down with 3m less rope than would have been ideal. Some fine ice columns at the bottom of the pitch. I then rigged Caramel Catharsis on 70m of the unloved 11mm, cursing all the way - I had to brace to force my way down and the knots were like dinner plates - no more 11mm please, ever! We then decided to rig the traverse over the top of Usual Suspects to avoid the long route round which, oddly, everyone has chosen to do the past few years. However, this left only four bolts left for String Theory so Andrew rigged down to the corner above the main pitch with the new 200m of 10mm and we headed out the long way round to show Sion the way. Traverses all left rigged on nasty red 9mm. Sion got v.v. overheated coming out of the entrance so I think my double furry advice won't be taken up. Walked down the hill just missing the storm.


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    Tunnocks - Rigging to start of String Theory