Mon 27 Jun 2016
Nat Dalton

Set off to continue rigging down Tunnocks (aiming to carry 2 bags to camp). On the way the one bolt wonder handline before usual suspects was converted (more or less) into a bonafide traverse line. Picked up Krabs, hangers & maillons from bottom of string theory & carried on down procrastination; Wookey rigged number of the beast & we carried on down to magic glue, putting deviations in along the way. Once at magic glue faff ensued with rope misbehaving & getting tangled. Once I was at the bottom, wookey instaled a deviation; having previously dropped Krab/sling down the pitch: "It's a good job we're not climbers or we'd have to retire that", on a spike, bags were left just below magic glue, with a long plod out.

Stuff left: 2 bags of camping stuff, 1 drill, 2 drill bits, 1 battery, blow tube, hammer/setter & hiltis
No drill tackle sack
8 maillions, 6 krabs, 4, hangers, 2 bits of tat

T/U: 11.5 hours
07:00 +1

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