Balcony Höhle Pushing minor leads near entrance pitch

Wed 13 Aug 2014

Noel and I walked up the hill, collected Rob & some surveying gear and headed to Balcony Höhle to clear up the leads near the entrance as below

Plan 'survey' - Hand drawn NTS
Sketch plan

1 - We first went to this C lead. This went surprisingly well. What started as a hands and knees crawl quickly opened up and a junction was reached. We firstly took the left hand passage, which was walking passage which quickly took a right hand bend (heading north?) to a pitch. Beyond the pitch was more horizontal passage. Two good QMAs. Not sure how big the pitch is, but it is dry.

With no survey gear we turned back to the junction & surveyed up the right hand passage. This quickly got smaller, dividing into two small passages which quickly closed down.

2 - Next we headed to this B lead, which was surveyed to connect with the 'Not Labelled' lead. A small passage on the right (starting @ the B side the passage takes a sharp left hand bend - here the small passage is on the corner on the right) was followed, but became small + filled with boulders - probably connects with main passage.

3 Next we looked at this C-lead. This closed down really quickly. Possibly a roof tube, not sure + dodgy climb.

4Lastly we looked at this B-lead. After spend a while smacking boulders with hammers, & lots of kicking, Rob ventured in for a look - closed down instantly.

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