Balcony Höhle, Dead Bat pitch

Tue 12 Aug 2014

After a reasonably long trip the day before, Balcony was an ideal place to head to for some easy pushing. Weather was shit, so the entrance pitch was not too pleasant. We didn't really know where we were going, but we soon learnt which ways definitely weren't the right way. At around 6 we found the pitch we were intending to drop, after 4 hours of exploring already explored bits. I bolted it, only to find that it went nowhere. We surveyed it, then headed out, Martin got a bti chilly. We cut midnight callout a bit fine, after reaching the surface at 10pm.

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    2014#36 Rosie Ringpie ['notes1', 'elev1', 'plan1']
    2014#38 Lemon Crapout ['notes2', 'notes1', 'elev1', 'plan1']
    2014#39 Dead Bat Pitch ['notes2', 'notes1', 'elev1', 'plan1']
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    Balcony Höhle, Dead Bat pitch