Tunnocks - The number of the Beast pt II

Wed 13 Aug 2014

Put a few extra bolts on way in as previous year's bolt scarcity was evident. At limit of exploration, at bottom of steeply sloping rift landing in large chocked floor, climbed up & descended 10m to another false floor, using an immense [something] boulder for a deviation. At N. end of false floor was young & drippy at S. end was unstable & aged, but offered the draft & depth. I started gardening enthusiastically sending increasingly large masonry down the shaft. Andy pointed at another hole which I started chucking stuff down but decided it was no safer so let it be. After I climbed back out a large piece spontaneously threw itself down the shaft. Crumbs.

Having cleared the main shaft lip I inspected a possible large thread "I wouldn't go near that if I were you" said Andy. I kicked it and the metre-cubed chunk rolled down the shaft. We chose the nearest safest drop down to a false floor 10m below. This appeared to give a reasonable route down to the 30-40m main pitch below. I hopped over a large boulder & wondered what was holding it up. We pulled out a couple of loose blocks & I jumped up on the boulder but it stayed put. never the less I started rigging a traverse along the far wall. Suddenly the boulder decided to roll, all on its own, to become wedged by a small flake. A few minutes with a bolting hammer & it was on its way again, to become wedged by another small obstruction. I carried on rigging the traverse before we decided to call it a day & leave the shaft for the next team to come with a crowbar...

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