Balcony Höhle: Room with a View

Wed 06 Aug 2014

Apparently the entrance pitch needed a little tweaking, and a lot of gardening.

Job 1. Rig climb down cliff to entrance ✔

Job 2. De rig pitch pre gardening ✔

Job 3. Rig extended traverse line approach to pitch ✔

Job 4. Garden top ledge at head of pitch ✔

An unforeseen problem arises - large boulder is pushed down pitch but wedges firmly in route down cave.

Job 5. Extra bolt at first rebelay ✔

This proved very useful for extra task of trying to dislodge boulder. Ultimately this proved unsuccessful and a further deviation was rigged.

Job 6. Garden "bridge" and slope of doom ✔

here we stopped due to end of drill battery + need for Aled & David to have time to run away down hill.

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