3rd Rigging in Trip (107)

Fri 25 Jul 2014

Underground by 11 this time, with 3 batts & plenty of keenness. Joes headed for point again, whilst Wookey & AndyA came along as rigging faeries to fix up the dodgy Olly-rigging, particularly his propensity for kneee-high pitch head bolts. Fixed up entrance stuff that we had left for Aled the day before, as he'd gone down the hill. Then on to add back-up bolts, and often new pitch head bolts too. Caught up with Joe at 'Too Bold For This Spit', where he had managed to scare himself rigging due to having to fish out sling halfway across with a big leg-trembler. He was pleased to see some company. Wook went over & rigged back about 2m higher to turn a horror into a nice traverse. (Fine bit of traversing by Ol/J).

Aled turned up at this point having come up from base & solo-caved to find us.

4-some now continued to big Korea pitch, where we had 59 of the recommended 64m. Andrew rigged it tight and added 2 bolts and skipped two, to just reach the floor, whilst the rest checked out land of confusion QMs. Wook ticked off 13-LC-9C, 13-LC-7C, 13-LC-8X. 13-LC-6C is a c15(!) down to a fairly short pitch into China. Joe & Aled decided 13-LC-16A was worth a look.

We all went down to be impressed by China. 13-LC-10B across the Korea pitch-head, really is a 20-30m blank wall bolting project - too epic. 13-CH-4B at the bottom is not inspiring. It probably doesn't go, but hard to be sure. Needs a bolt or two to climb in. 13-CH-2C goes through to china in tinyt window.

At big end 13-CH-1B looks like an alcove but hard to be sure. Could be climbed to with a bit of pro without too much trouble. Best lead is in ceiling, 20-30m up. Probably an aven. Could be where all the wind is coming from.

Wandered along to southern end whilst Joe & Aled set off out. Climbed down at end into new ground to find pitch about 10m further on. Could well be the bottom of 'Too Bold...'. Needs surveying, & may well continue across. Good wind.

Out from bottom in ~2hrs

T/U: 8 hrs (Wook/Andrew/Joe)

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