1623-107 - Alcove pop + Nipped down

Sun 27 Jul 2014

Returned to the "Too bold for this spit" traverse. Andrew climbed up above the traverse to the lead spotted the previous day and put some bolts in so Jess could climb up and survey the small passage found - "Alcove pop", which split after a few meters with both ways ending in mud. Small roof tube ran back into the main rift split into many tiny holes. Meanwhile Sam + David retrieved the rope from Korea.

David replaced the bolt which popped out the previous day, and all returned to the passage and pitch found the previous day

Passage = popped across, pitch = nipped down. Andrew then finished rigging "nipped down" and David and Jess surveyed it, linking it into Chine before heading out. Possible passage continuation across pitch - QMC. On the way back up the pitch, Andrew noticed the single bolt above the 30m hang and below the dodgy sling rebelay was pulling out as he prussiked - when he got there, he could pull it out of the wall!

Everyone headed out, Sam having some tight trouble in the squeeze - this is easiest using the low route now most of the popcorn has gone. All out by 20:15, and all headed down to base camp.

QMC - Possible passage continuation of popped across on the opposite wall of nipped down - bolt traverse required.

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