204 - Brians Phat Shaft

Sat 06 Aug 2011
Jess Stirrups

Rigging and bolting trip to Brians Phat Shaft

NOTE: All roads is a 36m pitch, not 26m as in online description!!!!

All Roads rigging diagram

Easy route finding, pleasure dome v.impressive, though drippy and climb down from ridge across it needs a handline....

Started rigging Brians Phat Shaft - much loose rock and upper Y-hang bolt a bugger to put in - had to have Cat help! Added an extra traverse line bolt and went down with 10tonnes of rope and drill and rigging shit hanging off my harness

I don't like heights much so dangling over a 100m drop was a little nervy! Put in a deviation and rebelay but wanted to be on the other side of the shaft and didn't have a sky hook and couldn't get there without one. Sent some time swinging desperately in space, then gave up and had to prussik back to the top with the rope and drill and rigging shit...bit knackered.

The others meanwhile had a brew kit and were busy making some welcome soup before we headed out.

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