KH, Country for Old Men - Tyrolean Rigging

Sat 06 Aug 2011

Part of the Becka, Julian, Olaf, Olly M trip

First went to the end to show everyone the new stuff (CFOM), start surveys in the right places, where to tape, where leads are, see if the wide bit above Chocolate River provided a bypass (it didn't) and take a few photos. Then it seemed like the most useful thing to do was rig the tyrolean 'Strange Acrossfall', so we stole the bag of rope and a few hangers and slings and went back there. The ropes were hanging on the rebelay on Strange Downfall side so after a bit of discussion on how to rig it I went down and up and rigged two Y-hangs on for main rope, other for dynamic safety. Wook had worked that bottom left bolt of 4 was too shallow to take a modern ring hanger. Cleared out link, Nial determined that it really was that shallow - odd. An arse hanger fitted okay.

Meanwhile Nial had set up a 3:1 pully rig on the Repton side. We first pulled the rope in to see where the knot would go, then relaxed it, tied to the Y-hang and pulled it in to clip to the bolts.

Strange Acrossfall tyrolean rigging diagram

Tried it out and nobody died! Rather hard work getting off the steep end. A pantin behind the pulley helps a lot. Clipping right up to the rope helps a lot too.

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