204 Brians Phat pitch rerig

Mon 08 Aug 2011

I had promised to apply my expertise to this dauntingly deep shaft which Alex and Jess had got about 30m down before deciding it was going to be very wet and they weren't sure what to do next.

As J + A were knackered through assorted injuries and no-one else wanted to be responsible for following through on the route we decided the trip would fix the rigging but then derig. Amy kindly came along to show the way, Stefan wanted something much easier than KH. They got a rather bum deal with nothing much to do for 3hrs apart from shift a couple of tackle sacks up the second pitch.

Wook spent 3hrs on the pitch, putting in 3 bolts (one cratered and had to be redone) making about as dry a hang as possible. Got down as far as where snow leopard comes in before running out of time (and it wasn't clear rope would reach the floor either)

Managed to swing into passage about 4m above Snow Leopard. It goes about 6m S to probable dead end and 6m N to look down approx 12m pitch QMB (no draft). Checked passages above (at ledge/ spike level) - they don't go. There is a really good thread a few meters below the Snow Leopard passage which should get rig to floor. Turned round at 4pm and derigged, adding one more bolt on the spur side of the waterfall once J & A's last bolt was derigged. That should remove the major drippy bit, but is untested, so might rub. Got to pitch top at 5.20ish as promised but no sign of the others, and in fact it took 40mins to derig the pitch head and sort out all the gear. There were 14 crabs of stuff hanging on traverse line after I removed everything hanging from the line so no wonder its hard work moving. Left very fat sack with 94m rope in and struggled out with drill sack and sack of rope plus bolts. There's a lot of caving in 204!

Brian's Phat Shaft rigging guide

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