204 - Pussy Prance, CatFlap, Cat Walk

Sat 25 Jul 2009
Jess Stirrups

Went down 204A and Pussy Prance. Finished rigging pitch below Pussy Prance - Catflap Pitch (QM08-1A). Dropped into a small chamber with three ways on. Swung into passage 2/3 of the way down pitch, back underneath the start of catwalk where we had come from - mud floored phreatic passage which ended in a short (9m) rope protected climb of a large natural thread. Left went to a pitch and large aven, we went right along smaller passage which ended in a window into another pitch (QMA) popcorn all over the walls and floor with a dead bat on the floor half way along. 2 leads on the right joined up with the passage continuing past a small waterfall on the left to another pitch (QMA). A lead on the right quickly split, with left becoming too small and right looping back into the same bit of passage, though was also too small. On later inspection the pitch by the handline was thought to connect to the bottom of the wet pitch in the right hand chamber from pussy prance - confirmed by survey on 26/7/09.

QMS ticked off: 08-1A and 01-70B (blind trench down which Jess's dangly bag fell).

QMs found:

B - on the right out of chamber at bottom of cat flap pitch

B - up a climb on the right out of chamber at bottom of cat flap appears to be continuation of surveyed passage

B - straight ahead out of chamber bottom of catflap

A - pitch to the left after handline climb. Wet. 30m?

A - pitch at end of passage from the right of handline climb. 6m?

B - tube at same level as previous passage (continuation) across above pitch - mud filed?

C - floor trench + stream in passage on from handline climb - p4?

C - small tube in left wall of passage off from the right of previous passage - small waterfall enters passage from here.

D - left branch of final bit of passage

C - pitch at end of branch of final passage - p10?

B - left hand branch of passage off to right of ?? bit of passage

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