204 - Pussyprance

Sun 26 Jul 2009
Jess Hatchett

My first trip to Steinbrückenhöhle. Went down 3 entrance pitches including 1 pitch over a snowplug - need to skirt around this to the left. I was confused by the solid cliff of snow which initially faces you. The final entrance pitch is a monster pitch, it's massive. Very exciting to descend. A short walk after this is Merry Fucking Christmas, a miserable crawl which freaked me out quite a bit but is mercifully short. Jess S and Gareth were kind and reassuring about it and it's actually fine after the first time because you now what's coming.

Below Merry Fucking Christmas are several other pitches - 204 is a fairly vertical cave, and we descended to approx 230m overall. One of the pitches is a second massive monster pitch, free-hanging really deep and awesome. Another is a much hyped tricky squeeze which is ot nearly as bad as I expected (either up or down) 2 more pitches to the pushing front, bored now alcohol time, byebye.

T/U 9.5-12 hrs

Kathryn continues...

Emma, Becka and I started bolting 08-3A while waiting for the others to descend. This pitch (Painted Lady) descends for about 20m to a chamber with a window into another chamber 3 possible QMs:

QMA - large deep pitch

QMB - possibly choked shallower pitch

QMA - possible continuation on the other side of pitch (partly pushed this trip)


Emma and I started bolting the traverse around the pitch to the possibel continuation. Turned out to be more difficult than expected as much of the wall was covered in mud. We put in 3 bolts + 2 naturals pretty much straight up - next trip should be able to traverse sideways and put bolts into good rock. We could see Becka's light when she was surveying in chamber at bottom of climb.

Careth continues...

Rigged traverse line across to the top of pitch with Jess H. Rigged off boulder and natural column across ledge on the left (facing down the pitch). Stared putting a bolt in at the end of the ledge with a view to bolting the pitch head just round the corner. Below the ledge the pitch drops steeply for a few metres before sloping down for about another ten. An alternative pitch head could be rigged on the opposite wall.

Becka continues...

Jess S and I surveyed chamber at bottom of cat flap. Saw Emma and Kathryn's light indirectly via a window towards painted lady - 5m pitch between there, probalbe blind, QMC. Also QMC in roof tube there. Opposite pitch a rift with steeply descneding floor trench ends in a short pitch again not too promising - QMB

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