Tunnocks - Usual Suspects Pitch

Fri 24 Jul 2009
Steve Jones

Gareth + Becka had got half way down and bolted this previously. Headed down pitch to find Gareth's rebelay - failed - so knot pass again...

Becka found bolt so S clipped to a bolt whilst B hauled up the hangers and rigged rebelay. Then she found the rebelay rubbed, so put knot pass back in! After 2hr clusterfuck, finally bottomed pitch (total about 100m, 70m free hang to ledge then bolt belay, deviation off crap natural). Lands in large chamber (50x35m) with several horizontal leads.

Pushed windiest lead (left at bottom of pitch to popcorn, careful climb up rift, 3m flat out crawl) to junction of mant leads and 1 freshly dead bat. 3m climb up on L to 2 passages off - one un pushed, other step back over c3 - , walking passage goes back over other route and leads to large phreatic chamber/passage. Loads of leads, so headed out.

T/U 8.5 hrs

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