204 - Tourist trip down 204E

Sun 27 Jul 2008

Walked up to top camp, actually staying dry, then was bribed into defecting from Hauchohle to 204, and was taken down E on a quick 2.5 hr "sightseeing" trip which seemed to involve Nial looking down every tiny miserable lead we passed. Went up to Chocolate salty balls to look at 2 B leads (02-38B,01-37B), which we decided to come back to as needed to bolt a traverse across a pitch. Then did a round trip down treeumphant passage and back via magic roundabout chamber and boulder coaster.

Checked lead 00-30C in great oak chamber, and, after climbing down loose boulders, found that it wasn't a lead after all, and didn't go anywhere. Came back out of E and got back to top camp at 23.30.

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    204 - Tourist trip down 204E