204 - Chocolate Salty Balls pushing

Tue 29 Jul 2008

Went back to the pitch that we found the day before to bolt and descend it - dragged Nial with us, much to his delight when he saw the pitch head - the final bolt of the Y hang took two attempts, due to Nial seriously underestimating the room needed to swing the hammer to set the hilti - a space across which a drill can only just fit results in a very amusing woodpecker impression, but no nicely set hilt!!!

After I got wedged in the pitch head due to all the dangly bags and survey instruments I was carrying (Kathryn had to prussik back up to me to take them off me), we descended the pitch, which turned out to be a large shaft about 30m deep, which unfortunately ended in boulders, with the only possible way on a crawl which very rapidly became too tight.

Derigged the pitch and traverse line (which turned out to be too short on one side) on the way back out, and also bolted up to 00-34C, which ends in a chocked narrow rift, and doesn't go anywhere.

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