Journey to Austria - Trip to Expo

Sat 26 Jul 2008
Steve Jones

Ferry 16.20, Sea France - because it was the cheapest! Basically Julian was ill on Friday so was pleasantly surprised when he had got much better when I picked him up (spare driver is useful). Got ferry ok and drove until 03.00 hr ish (German time). Stopped for 4 hours kip somewhere near Nurenburg. Farm road at back of services. Arrived at Hilda's 11.00 ish.

Filled up Bristol 57667, Belgium 58050 (38.42L), Reid 58543 (39.42L), Arrived Bad Aussee 58634. In summary, its a lot easier drive if we can get the 16.00 ish ferry - arrive in good time for carry up on Sunday, and not too knackered. Will be doing it again if possible.

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    Journey to Austria - Trip to Expo