Hauchhole - rigging

Wed 23 Jul 2008

Things we did right:

1) 2004-234-10B pushed through squeezy bit into aven. ? bottom is too tight, climbed up to top of aven where a QMC goes off to one side. Ahead a passage ends after 10m in a small choked chamber.

2) Rigged down to the bottom of kidney pitch.

3) Put a rope on the traverse before tacklesack blues.

Things we did wrong:

1) Rigged off the spit "to be pointed out to novices as an example of how not to place a spit".

2) Placed 2 unusable hiltis above a climb that doesn't actually need rigging.

3) Had my stop on a rope that wasn't actually attached to any anchors (ask Pete about this).

4) Didn't rig the climb above the pitch that "should really be rigged, given there's a 20m pitch below it".

5) Ran out of rope - might try reading the description more closely next time.

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