204 - High hopes pushing

Thu 24 Jul 2008
Martin J

Whilst Kathryn showed Martin around the upper levels of 204, Djuke added an extra bolt to the climb/pitch in cresta run and Tony and I began bolting down 05-62A. Both leads end in a wide slanted rift filled with lots of loose rocks. To the left, the rift leads into a sandy passage which has a strong draft. To the right, a dig through boulders led to larger passage. A stream enters from above almost certainly coming down from 05-42?? although no attempt has been made to establish a light connection yet. The stream exits the passage down a slot in the floor which appears to lead to a ~40m pitch. Stepping across the slot leads to a large upward sloping mud ramp which ends at a large 40-50m pitch which we are hoping to bolt on our next trip.

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