204 - Subway

Sat 06 Aug 2005

Whizzed down the by-now pretty damn slimy Gaffered ropes to Fat Worm + then the Four Pitches of the Apocalypse. Moaned at the single spit rig for the third of these. (What's the point of taking a drill down the cave if you don't use it to rig properly? Moan, moan.) Also griped at the pitch out of Turnstile Chamber that Dave had rigged as you had to get off below the deviation so effectively whilst dangling over the pitch with no traverse line. Great. Down the final series of very short (2m etc) pitches to a traverse. Nial + I then handbolted a traverse line along the traverse across a shale bank to new stuff. Surveyed up to a big ramp. Down soon choked + up got very steep + pretty small but a passage on the far side of the ramp was drafting strongly This quickly led to a series of holes in the floor with what sounded like a roaring stream in it. We then surveyed down a very steeply descending tube that eventually choked. Partway down another tube led off very steeply up with an extremely slimy, muddy floor. We surveyed up this until it got silly. Finally we put in another couple of spits to drop the pitch back at the traverse line, on the right. Only I went down to check it - there was a drafting tiny mud tube at the base with the sound of water. The third of the Four Pitches of the Apocalypse was really wet on the way out and I got cold putting in a second spit for it on the way out. Still, an efficient trip.

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