204 - High Hopes

Sat 06 Aug 2005

Plan was that Andrew and I would survey the far end of High Hopes while Stuart + Sarah surveyed down 2005-05 (now 204G) so we could tie in the survey to that and the previous day's survey of 2005-04 (now 204H), with S+S also putting in a leg to connect the other shaft next to 2005-04 (now 204I). We got a bit lost in High Hopes for a while, but found the two avens + surveyed out. No sign of a survey station in G, so we put paint on the wall + decorated it with cons tape; found the marker in H without trouble. Couldn't find the point in High Hopes either.

It transpires that Stuart had knackered his knee surveying I->H and jacked, so 204G remains unsurveyed. This is probably a Good Thing as there is a pitch to look at in the chamber at the foot of the G entrance pitch.

Walked down the hill. Ate lots of stodge at Loser Hütte. Drank Gösser. Listened to Metallica. Drank more Gösser. [Repeat and fade...]

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